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world cuisine with a lot of heart


I’m Taliska Victoria Rebuit Levich, but everyone calls me Tata. I was born in Belo Horizonte, a ‘small’ Brazilian town of 2 million people. From a semi-nomadic, multicultural and good food lover family, I began to familiarize myself with cooking and studied gastronomy in my country in 2009.
In 2012, I moved to Sao Paulo to do my internship at DOM, in addition to other star restaurants where I met Adur. Soon we were already connected.

My name is Adur Arrieta Picabea and I was born in the beautiful city of San Sebastián. In our house eating was never an obligation but a whole ceremony, since my mother was raised in a restaurant and that’s where she met my father. Enthusiast since childhood of markets and stoves, with 17 years I started my studies at the Luis Irizar Cooking School, training that culminated doing the internship in Mugaritz where I became familiar with haute cuisine concepts.
To learn more about the gastronomic culture around the world, I traveled to Brazil to do internships at the
DOM, where I met Taliska.

After a while keeping contact at a distance, we met again at the Amalur, Ibiza, where we spent 4 years working in the summer and traveling in winter, with our backpacks for several destinations like Brazil, Argentina, Peru, China, Japan, Israel, Costa Rica and Mexico.

We are the best companions: travel and life.

'A few months ago, the opportunity of having our business in Hondarribia just came. Our own place to capture that mixture of cultures'